InnoSIGN is developing a smart PCR test to predict which drug will work in a cancer patient

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“Since the COVID pandemic the PCR test has become generally known as a very accurate test to diagnose whether someone is infected with the Corona virus or not. However, PCR tests can be used for many more purposes than merely the diagnosis of viral infections. Since a PCR test measures the amount of DNA and/or messenger RNA (mRNA) in a sample, it can tell us what kind of RNA is actively ‘read’ in a cell. This may sound complicated, but when thinking of our DNA as a recipe book the concept is simpler to grasp: all the cells in our body have the same DNA (recipe book), but every cell reads different recipes out of that book (mRNA).

Our latest portfolio company InnoSIGN, a spin-off from Philips, has developed a very smart PCR test to determine whether in cancer cells certain DNA’s are actively read (so called ‘signaling pathways’) that make this cancer cell more susceptible to die from a certain drug.”

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