Erasmus MC: OncoSIGNal predicts response to BCG treatment of bladder cancer


”There has been a need for years for a way to predict which patients will benefit from BCG treatment.” (dr. Zuiverloon)

A study performed  by dr. Christiaan de Jong, PhD student and dr. Tahlita Zuiverloon, urologist was recently published in Science Translational Medicine:

“For clinical application, we confirmed that a commercially approved assay (“OncoSIGNal”) was able to predict BRS3 tumors with an area under the curve of 0.87. These BCG response subtypes will allow for improved identification of patients with HR-NMIBC at the highest risk of progression and have the potential to be used to select more appropriate treatments for patients unlikely to respond to BCG.”

It is shown that urologists may be able to determine in the future whether BCG is effective for the treatment of bladder cancer. This is important, because 40% of patients do not benefit from this treatment, while treatment duration is lengthy and can cause unpleasant side effects.

Presentation of these results won prices at the Dutch Urology Conference 2022 and European Association of Urology Conference 2022.

Article by Erasmus MC

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