InnoSIGN receives grant of almost €700K for ovarian cancer multicenter trial

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InnoSIGN B.V. and the Catharina Hospital Eindhoven receive a grant of almost € 700 000 by the European subsidy program OPZuid for the “STA-OP” multicenter prospective clinical trial, starting April 2023 (for 3 years). The objective of this trial is to identify new personalized targeted therapies based on “Signal Transduction pathway Activity for recurrent Ovarian cancer Patients“.

The prognosis for women with recurrent ovarian cancer is, despite very intensive treatment with chemotherapy and debulking surgery, very poor with an average 5-year survival rate <30%” according to Dr. J. Piek, gynaecologist at the Catharina Hospital and Principal Investigator for this trial. “In this study we can offer to these patients an alternative treatment with targeted drugs that hopefully will lead to better survival with less side effects”. In this clinical trial InnoSIGN’s proprietary OncoSIGNal technology will be used to identify the tumor driving cell signaling pathways in the patient tumor tissue to direct patients to personalized therapies with targeted drugs that inhibit the activity of these pathways. Objective is to improve survival and maintain quality of life compared to current treatments.

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